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FLY x Dinos All-Star Game: Empowering Youth and Showcasing Basketball Skills

A player dashes toward the court to retrieve a misplaced ball. - Photo: Bohdan Klimchuk

On March 26th, basketball fans from all over the city gathered at the University of Calgary Jack Simpson Gymnasium to witness the FLY x Dinos All-Star Game.

The event, organized by the For the Love of Youth (FLY) Project in partnership with the Dinos basketball team, culminated in the basketball camps held prior. It brought together Dinos basketball mentors and young athletes who were eager to showcase the skills and techniques they had learned over time.

The FLY x Dinos All-Star Game wasn't just about basketball, though. It was also an opportunity for the FLY project to give back to the community by awarding prizes through gift cards and scholarships. The project aims to support and empower young people in the community and believes that education and extracurricular activities like basketball are key to achieving success and building a strong sense of community.

Throughout the afternoon, fans were treated to some truly incredible basketball. The players on both teams put on a show, showcasing their skills and giving it their all on the court. But the real highlight of the event was the award ceremony, where the FLY project recognized the hard work and dedication of the players with prizes and scholarships.

Winners of the game received gift cards, and the mentors, who are also all University Students, were awarded scholarships to further their education. These prizes serve as a reward for their hard work on the court and an incentive for them to continue pursuing their education and goals.

The FLY x Dinos All-Star Game was a great success, not just because of the exciting basketball but also because of its impact on the community. The FLY project's dedication to supporting and empowering young people is truly inspiring, and events like this demonstrate how much of a difference they can make in the lives of those they serve.

U of C Dinos Basketball coach, David Kapinga, maintains the score. - Photo: Bohdan Klimchuk

"As a coach, I witness my players engaging with the community in various ways. This is the essence of the program - the connection between the community and individual skills and how they work together. It's what creates a tight-knit community. I am grateful for this and applaud our players who have been with the program for the past two to three months, bringing joy to the youth, challenging each other, and participating in fun activities. We appreciate them and want them to know that not only the program but also the community and parents are grateful for their contribution to Calgary." - David Kapinga, UofC Dinos Basketball Coach

The basketball youth, coaches from U of C Dinos, and FLY staff gather together to capture a group photograph. - Photo: Bohdan Klimchuk

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