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IT Solutions


Get rid of technical difficulties and keep up with the latest innovations through the services provided by our information technology team.

Image by Florian Olivo

Led by Sr. Software Developer specialist Joel De Leon, The Expert Collective provides users with technological help. Joel is an experienced specialist in hardware and software for large and complex computer systems. His experience spans for 30 years, and his seasoned skillset includes creating and implementing websites for various companies. 


Our IT team works with clients to create a professional outlook of their businesses in the digital space. Some of the many technological services we offer are:


  • IT consulting

  • SEO management

  • Desktop support

  • Cloud solutions

  • IT and network security 


About FLY Project: Increasing Connectivity


Nowadays, it is imperative to be knowledgeable about the tech industry. One must handle different gadgets, navigate various online platforms, and adapt to rapidly changing innovation.


Our organization is currently in partnership with information technology experts who can provide software and hardware navigation training. Additionally, our marketing team can offer tutorials/workshops regarding basic marketing skills widely applicable to an essential professional skill set. For example, these workshops could cover fundamental areas of design such as layout balance, colour theory, and font selection. Our training and tutorials aim to provide newcomers with additional information and skills about technology and marketing to help them in their selected career paths.


To increase our connectivity with the youth, we will be visible online by consistently posting helpful information. We will also use our social media channels to promote our programs and events, which they can attend or join. Through our online support services, they can send their inquiries, questions, and concerns, and we will provide them with solutions as soon as possible.


Depending on their needs, we can connect them with specific organizations, business affiliates, or companies or promote our available services and programs.

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