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We advocate for Transparency, Empowerment and Connectivity. We undertake to provide you with invaluable information and connect you to bona fide experts. We endeavour to collaborate with private, non-profit and government organizations to help us fulfill our mission.

The Expert Collective (TEC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping anyone in need of personal, professional, and business services. As an organization that empathizes, especially with the vulnerable and underrepresented groups – Canadian youth and recent graduates, aboriginals, international students and foreign workers, immigrants, and newcomers, we understand the challenges of integrating into a new environment and labour workforce. Therefore, our mission is to ensure that our programs and initiatives will be as beneficial as possible and will gear towards bridging the Canadian Immigration System and Canadian Labour Market gaps.


To achieve our mission, we developed services and projects that will allow individuals to gain strong support, take on challenges, be open to valuable opportunities, and form new connections within their communities.


Completed and Ongoing Projects


  • Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ)

    • Participated in the Government-Funded Canada Summer Jobs Program – ages 15 to 30 years old

    • Acquired Funding for 85 Positions for 3 Assisted Organizations

    • Positions Filled: Administrative Assistant, Marketing Specialist, Marketing Consultant, Graphic Designer, Data-Entry Clerk, Recruitment Coordinator, Basketball Coaches, etc.

  • Assistance in Not-for-Profit Registration with Federal and Provincial Government

  • Grant Funding Applications

    • Yearly Canada Summer Jobs

    • For the Love of Youth (FLY)

    • TEC Expert Development (TEC-ED)

    • Civil Society Fund

    • Community Initiatives Program

If you share the same passion for contributing to the fulfillment of our mission, vision, and goals as a newly founded organization, please register as:

Our Expert Client


We will connect you with our affiliated licensed practitioners to help you with the best-informed decisions and options.


  • Foreign Nationals

  • Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW)

  • International Students

  • Permanent Resident Applications

  • Refugee Applications

  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations

  • Third-Party Providers

  • Canadians/ Landed Immigrants

  • Youth

  • Athletes

  • Recent Graduates

  • Newcomers

  • Aboriginals and PWDs



  • Link with government-designated institutions, private and non-profit organizations

  • Schools, colleges, and universities

  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

  • Approved language test providers (CELPIP, IELTS, TEF and TCF)

  • Student grant/loan applications

  • Student placement/apprenticeships

  • Foreign credential assessment and licensing

  • Trade/Journeyman certification

  • Banks

  • Support from licensed professionals and service providers

Our FLY or TEC-ED Participant

Do you want to be part of the government’s youth & newcomers’ projects?

  • Are you looking for employment?

  • Are you a youth aged 15-30 years old?

  • Are you a newcomer?

  • Are you a recent post-secondary graduate?

  • Do you want to be one of our Expert Service Providers?


  • Work experience

  • Co-counseling

  • Mentoring

  • Student internships

  • Apprenticeships

Our Expert Directory Member


Affiliate with us today and learn from our leading-edge approach to helping you. Be one of our potential experts to offer collaborative solutions.

Professionals and service providers in our Expert



  • Immigration Consultants

  • Employment Counselor

  • Lawyer

  • Accountant

  • Day Home Provider

  • Registered Nurse

  • Doctor

  • Education Assistant

  • Teacher

  • IT Specialist

  • Social Media Manager

  • Web Designer

  • Financial Advisor

  • Realtor

  • Grant Writer

  • Sports Counselor/Trainer

  • Business Owners

Our Expert Partner or Sponsor


Help us fulfill our vision, mission, and goals by supporting us as an Expert Partner or a Sponsor.

Registered Organizations:

  • Government

  • Not-for-profit

  • Professional/Sole Proprietor

  • Private Company

  • Athletic Association

  • Sports Club

  • Settlement Association