Who We Are


A synergy of dedicated and qualified service providers sharing common values and expertise to achieve a common goal.


About Us


Founded in 2020, The Expert Collective is a not-for-profit organization that comprises a team of diverse professionals who have been in the business for many decades. The founding members converged and created The Expert Collective's collaborative framework to fulfill their Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives. They innovated, diversified, and solidified their integrated actions and solutions into a one-stop-shop platform because they believe in the saying, "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller


Like many of you, the founding members immigrated to Canada and encountered challenges in integrating within the Canadian Society. They experienced firsthand the difficulties brought by the set parameters of the Canadian Immigration System and the Canadian Labour Market. They faced many barriers in attaining their Canadian dreams. Despite these obstacles, they fulfilled their aspirations through persistence and perseverance. Now, through The Expert Collective, they aspire to give back to Canada.


It is The Expert Collective's sincere passion and motivation to create a significant difference in your lives. It hopes to help you eliminate the building blocks to achieving your dream careers and becoming established in Canada through its innovative, insightful, dutiful, and wide-ranging expertise. 


"Let us come and work together in unity; so that together, we can unravel our dreams and make them a reality!"  -Lisa De Leon, Founding President, The Expert Collective.

Our Collective Values

At TEC, we stand on our Three Foundational Pillars:

Transparency, Empowerment, and Connectivity.




We embody and promote authorized practitioners and legitimate service providers.



We act in each one's best interests by providing informed decision-making choices.



We are determined to fulfill our mission through our robust collaborations and connections.


Our Core Mission

We collaborate and develop experts and connect them to the global market to realize each one's goals.

To build a global network of experts from diverse fields to meet the market's evolving demands.


To bridge the Immigration and Labour Market gaps through a unified holistic-service approach.


To help the global market of vulnerable individuals fulfill their career goals and the life they deserve.