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About FLY Employment


The Government of Canada funds our For the Love of Youth (FLY) Project under the Supports for Student Learning Program. One of the objectives of this project is to provide employment opportunities for students ages 15 to 30 years old.


TEC currently functions with the help of local university students who have participated in Canada Summer Job (CSJ) Program. As these students serve the organization, they can develop several skills and obtain relevant experiences to help them in their future careers. We want to continue helping more local students get essential skills and experiences through the FLY Project by offering part-time employment opportunities. We will ensure that their employment with TEC will be worthwhile, and the experiences they gain will be functionally valuable in their future careers.


To further guide the student employees, we will hire full-time positions. Some of the positions will be beneficial for TEC to implement our plans, while others will be essential for the growth of the students. Expectedly, we will provide jobs to many local students who can support us in helping local and international students applicants. Once we reach this phase, this will be an excellent opportunity to provide more jobs and boost the businesses of our business affiliates as well.


In addition, local students and Bas can work together to process the permanent residency applications of international students and study permit applications for aspiring students. In this way, we will not just create opportunities for local students and businesses and minimize the victimization of international students who will be future permanent residents of Canada.


To better utilize our connections with different companies and licensed professionals, we will also organize a career fair for local and international graduating youth students. The transition from being a student to a young professional can be overwhelming. One might find it challenging to decide which company to work with or even struggle to secure the first job. With a career fair, we aim to help students know their options after college and make informed decisions in choosing their careers.



About TEC-ED


Our project, TEC Experts Development (TEC-ED), aims to improve the foundational and transferable skills (guided by the Skills for Success model) of the following under-represented groups: (1) persons with disabilities, (2) visible minorities and newcomers, and (3) indigenous/aboriginals. We aim to fulfill this primary objective by providing them with on-the-job training in coordination with our business affiliates, by developing training manuals related to their positions, and by designing professional licensing and practice handbooks for the following areas: Dental Practice, Daycare, Preschool, Immigration practice, Law practice, Professional teaching, Elderly Care, Medical Practitioner, CPA, IT, and Sports Organization.


Our team provides resources to help you find a job aligned with your skills and work experience. We are also open to adding more skilled workers in Experts Directory who could extend help to other newcomers and Canadian citizens.


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