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Sports Solutions


Plan your future as a student athlete and get academic and course selection guidance from us.

Joining sports activities is an excellent way for kids to make friends in a new environment and develop a sense of belongingness. In addition, it allows them to play and learn with others which makes their adjustment phase easier.


At TEC, we are committed to helping your child develop their skills and interests in sports as they integrate with other kids within their schools and communities. Through sports activities, children and youth acquire the value of perseverance and commitment, which they can apply in their everyday life. Hence, we collaborated with diverse sports organizations that offer inclusive development programs dedicated to teaching kids the fundamentals of sports. 


Our partnered sports coaches and counselors also provide competitive and intensive sports training to make your child exceedingly compete in the local, provincial, national and international leagues and tournaments. They also assist in placing your child to play for colleges and universities.


Send an inquiry today to know more details about our affiliated sports experts' programs!

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