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Mastering Microsoft Excel: The Power of Digital Literacy with For the Love of Youth (FLY) Project

The March 16th event hosted by The For the Love of Youth (FLY) Project is part of a series of Digital Literacy workshops aimed at providing valuable knowledge to young individuals. This workshop focused on Microsoft Excel, an essential tool in the modern digital age.

March 16, 2023. TEC Main Office. Participants learning PEMDAS. A foundational concept to begin learning excel. Photo: Bohdan Klimchuk

In today's fast-paced business world, having knowledge of Microsoft Excel is critical. This software is used in various industries, from finance to marketing, to manage and analyze data. Excel provides an organized, efficient, and accurate way to store and process data, allowing users to make informed decisions based on insights gleaned from this data.

One of the fundamentals of Excel is the order of mathematical operations. The workshop introduced the concept of PEMDAS, a mnemonic that stands for Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, and Addition and Subtraction. Understanding the order of operations is crucial to ensure accurate calculations in Excel.

March 16, 2023. TEC Main Office. Particpant follows along with excel workbook. Photo: Bohdan Klimchuk

One of the most basic calculations in Excel is the SUM formula, which allows users to add up values in a range of cells. Participants were taught how to use the SUM formula and how to use parentheses to group cells for summing.

The pull handle is a tool in Excel that allows users to copy formulas across multiple cells quickly and easily. This tool is essential for doing repetitive entries of a formula, saving time and effort.

Participants were also introduced to the IF formula, which allows users to perform different calculations based on certain conditions. This formula is useful in a variety of situations, from analyzing data to making decisions based on certain criteria. These formulas can work together seamlessly in Excel, allowing users to perform complex calculations with ease.

March 16, 2023. TEC/FLY Digital Literacy Workshop gets ready to begin. Photo: Bohdan Klimchuk

VLOOKUP is another useful function in Excel that allows users to search for specific data in a table and retrieve the corresponding information. This function is particularly helpful when working with large datasets and can be used in combination with other aspects of Excel.

In addition to the functions mentioned in the previous section, participants in the March 16th Digital Literacy workshop also learned about pivot tables. A pivot table is a powerful tool in Excel that allows users to summarize and analyze large amounts of data quickly and easily.

With a pivot table, users can reorganize and manipulate data by dragging and dropping fields to create a customized view of the data. Pivot tables are particularly useful for identifying patterns and trends in data, making it easier to make informed decisions based on insights gained from the data.

Headers are an essential component of pivot tables. They are used to identify the data in each column and row and make it easier for users to understand the information presented in the table. Headers can be customized to reflect the data being analyzed, and users can choose to include or exclude headers based on their preferences.

Overall, pivot tables are a valuable tool in Excel for anyone who needs to analyze and interpret large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. By attending the FLY Project's Digital Literacy workshop, participants gained valuable knowledge of pivot tables and how to use them effectively.

March 16, 2023. TEC/FLY Main Office. Digital Literacy Workshop. Photo: Bohdan Klimchuk

Excel was first released in 1985 and has since become an indispensable tool for businesses and individuals worldwide. Digital literacy, on the other hand, refers to the ability to use digital technologies effectively to find, evaluate, and communicate information.

The origins of data can be traced back to ancient times when data was collected through observations and measurements. Today, data is collected and processed on an unprecedented scale, and having digital literacy skills has become more critical than ever.

March 16, 2023. Jezaih Altares (TEC Events Coordinator) and Bea Gan (TEC Partnerships & Services Coordinator) after the workshop. Photo: Bohdan Klimchuk

The March 16th Digital Literacy workshop hosted by The For the Love of Youth (FLY) Project provided participants with valuable knowledge of Microsoft Excel. The workshop covered various functions, including SUM, IF, and VLOOKUP, and how they can be used in combination to make informed decisions based on data. In today's digital age, having these skills is crucial for success in any industry.


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