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FLY’s Outreach Initiative in High River: Building a Brighter Future - Insights

Updated: Mar 9, 2023



The power of education cannot be overstated. “It is a fundamental human right and a critical tool for life,” said one participant who attended FLY's High River Outreach Initiative, which took place on Saturday, February 18th. Participants discussed ways to improve education by teaching youth practical skills and encouraging youth with support and guidance that can lead them to more independent learning.


They recommended shorter school days and a more supportive school environment, among other ideas. To achieve this, they emphasized the need for more research on what children need and more support for teachers from the school board. The outreach initiative also highlighted the importance of communication between parents and schools and the need for increased support for educators.


Feeling connected to one's culture is a fundamental need, and the High River Outreach Initiative participants recognize its importance. They discussed the need to interact with people from other cultures, find support, and celebrate diversity.

The outreach initiative emphasized helping older newcomers feel less isolated and promoting a more accepting and integrated society. It is a powerful reminder that by building strong connections with one another, we can break down barriers and create a more inclusive world.


Community is another critical aspect of society, and the participants at the High River Community Outreach Initiative, participants described wanting to interact more with their community and support youth. In addition, they discussed the importance of sharing culture, participating in events like dance, and celebrating cultural events.

They also emphasized the need to address youth homelessness and add support groups for youth, immigrants, and minorities to help them feel more integrated and accepted.

FLY aims to create a more connected and supportive community by bringing people together.


Finally, resources are essential in helping individuals and communities thrive. The High River Community Outreach Initiative participants discussed a variety of resources, including building blocks, parenting support, preschool support, literacy for life, immigration services, Wildrose Family Connections, and Youth Network.

They highlighted the need to make these resources available and accessible to everyone who needs them. One participant shared how the Literacy for Life program helped her, but she was still determining if the program still existed. It serves as a reminder of the importance of ensuring that all available resources are accessible to everyone who needs them.

Inspiring Ideas & Actionable Steps to Create a

More Inclusive Society For Newcomers & Underrepresented Youth

In conclusion, the High River Community Outreach Initiative covered essential topics related to education, cultural connection, community, and resources. We can build a more accepting and integrated society by implementing the ideas discussed. It is a significant step towards building a brighter future for everyone, and we must take action to make it a reality. Let's continue to work together and take bold steps toward creating a better tomorrow for all.


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FLY is committed to providing high-quality support to students, families, and educators who need it most. Our team is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment for students to learn and grow.

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