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FLY Goes to Manitoba: For the Love of Youth: Changing Lives in Manitoba One Step at a Time

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

FLY is also in Edmonton on June 25. Learn more here

Winnipeg, MB. June 17, 2023. The for The Love of Youth (FLY) Project participants, staff, and volunteers. Photo: Carl De Guzman

Deep within the heart of Canada's prairie province of Manitoba, a transformative initiative redefines futures and empowers students. The aptly named 'For the Love of Youth' (FLY) Outreach Initiative is a beacon of hope, standing tall as a testament to the power of community collaboration, compassion, and dedication. This not-for-profit venture is impacting lives and fostering change on a remarkable scale, a story we are excited to bring into the spotlight today.

The inception of the FLY Initiative traces back to the growing concern about the challenges facing many young people, especially those from underserved communities.

FLY's philosophy is simple yet profound: to nurture the inherent potential in every youth. This guiding principle resonates in every aspect of the work, from mentoring programs to educational workshops and health and wellness activities. The belief that every young person deserves the opportunity to excel is the compass that guides the project, and it's a mission that's making waves in the lives of many Manitoba youths.

June 17, 2023. Deserving youth proudly display their new laptops. Photo: Carl De Guzman

The initiative also provides youths with vital resources to help them succeed and graduate on time. These include workshops on mental health awareness, personal development courses, and a network of support that helps them navigate the sometimes-tumultuous journey of being a student-athlete.

Perhaps the most poignant indicator of FLY's impact is the stories of transformation told by the youths themselves. From those who've now stepped into university education, previously believing it was an unreachable goal, to others who've bravely conquered their mental health struggles, the proof of FLY's effectiveness is undeniable and genuinely heartwarming.

The FLY Outreach Initiative is a ray of hope illuminating the path for Manitoba's young people. Their unwavering commitment to shaping a brighter future for these youths is inspiring and empowering. The initiative is a vibrant reminder that when a community comes together for its young, positive change is not just possible; it's inevitable.

Attention, Edmonton Youth! Mark your calendars for an exciting outreach event happening on Sunday, June

25th, at Wyndham Edmonton Hotels.

For the Love of Youth (FLY) Project is organizing a Recognition Day where our dedicated team will have the pleasure of meeting our youth participants in Edmonton.

Get ready for a day filled with fun and opportunities! If you are qualified, you stand a chance to receive educational and financial assistance at this event. However, it is crucial to note that to be eligible for these benefits, you must be:

Registered under FLY Student Registration and Consent (2023-01) | TEC-0001 as a student and have been contacted by a FLY Representative.

Please review the Event Registration and Financial Assistance Terms and Conditions carefully.

  • FLY student participants must have actively attended the 2022-2023 school year as junior or senior high school or post-secondary students. Recent grade 12 and post-secondary graduates are also welcome to join.

  • All senior high school to post-secondary registrants must have completed the FLY Student Registration and Consent (2023-01) | TEC-0001 to be eligible for FLY Educational and Funding assistance.

  • For junior high school students (below 16 years old), a parent or legal guardian must complete the FLY Student Registration and Consent (2023-01) | TEC-0001.

  • Please note that funding assistance is limited to qualified students only, and family members below junior high are welcome to attend but will not qualify for funding assistance.

  • Make sure to bring your event registration QR code, student ID or proof of enrollment/recent school transcript, and a government-issued ID for entry.

  • Financial assistance will be issued to the first 100 eligible student participants, so don't miss out!

For detailed information on Student Educational Assistance Eligibility Criteria, refer to the FLY Funding Application Guide and Checklist (TEC-0000). We are thrilled to have you be a part of the FLY Project, and we can't wait to meet you at this event!


For the Love of Youth (FLY) services are free and funded by the Government of Canada's Supports for Student Learning Program (SSLP).

FLY is committed to providing high-quality support to students, families, and educators who need it most. Our team is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment for students to learn and grow.

Learn more about the For the Love of Youth (FLY) Project.



Instagram: @for.theloveofyouth

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